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Apr 28

BusCms.com launches new m-ticket solution for UK operators

  • Created:Monday, April 28 2014

a mobile ticket

In this increasingly mobile world, the ability for customers to pay via mobile phones has become a core part of retail life. Allowing your passengers to buy tickets via their mobile phones and then board a bus by just displaying their m-ticket has many advantages including;

  • Customer convenience
  • Quicker boarding
  • Less on board money handling
  • Extended marketing and promotional opportunities
  • No on board or in depot technology systems required

Netescape has developed a BusCms.com powered mobile ticketing app for iPhone and Android, which can also integrate with the existing BusCms.com travel data apps. Operators simply create their tickets using the BusCms.com system, and passengers can purchase them either online or in the app. Once downloaded, passengers simply activate their ticket and show it to the driver when boarding the bus.